The Techni 2000 Aluminium Brazing Rod provides an effective way of repairing, fabricating and maintaining aluminium and zinc-based alloyed materials using any torch, be it propane, butane, oxyacetylene, mapp gas or blow torch.

This operation requires no flux and needs relatively low heat to effectively repair many projects. The Techni-2000 rod has the advantage of a very low melting point, which can usually ensure adequate time in which to effect repairs before the base material begins to distort or melt. Once completed, the repaired material has a very high tensile strength capability.

The Techni-2000 process can be used to complete effective on-the-spot repairs to boats, engine housings and castings, blocks, radiators, air conditioning equipment, motorcycles, farm equipment, pumps, irrigation pipes, models, utensils, furniture grilles, doors, windows and gutters – just to name a few!

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