Physical & Mechnical Properties


Tensile Str, 1bs/sq. in. 37,800
Compression Str, 1bs/sq. in. 60,000 – 75,000
Shear Str, 1bs/sq. in. 34,000
Charpy Impact Str, 1bs/sq. in. 4 ft/1b to break 1/4″ bar
Hardness (Brinell) 100
Ductility Good
Melting Point 720F, 380C
Specific Gravity 6.7
Density (1bs/cu. in.) 0.25
Elongation (in 2″) 3%
Coefficient of Linear Expansion 15.4 x 10-6/F
Electrical Conduc. 24.9% of Cu
Thermal Conduc. 0.24 cal/cu. cm/C


(Note: While data in the above table is based on the best available information, actual results may vary due to end-use conditions. The data is intended to serve only as aid in product selection.)